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                  American PCI signed O2 compressor PI with JY

                  On March 25~26, the vice president, technology and engineering Tarik Naheiri and Vice president and general manager oxygen solutions Soren Schmitz from Pacific Consolidated Industries (PCI, America) visited our Jiangxi Compressor factory.

                  PCI is a leading manufacturer of O2 and N2 generation systems for the industrial, Water, Medical and Military markets. It is founded in 1984, headquatered in Riverside, California, USA. It has 85 employees with marketing & technical support in more than 20 countries. Starting 2008, only manufacturer worldwide with signle-bed vacuum swing adsoprtion (VSA) technology for industrial O2.

                  Because for their systems, they need every kind of oxygen compressor, as Jiangxi Compressor is state owned second grade enterprise in China, one of the biggest oxygen compressors manufacturer in China, that is why they want to establish a long term business relationship with our Jiangxi Compressor.

                  After their visiting our Jiangxi Compressor and our oxygen compressors end user in Ganzhou city, they agree with our Jiangxi Compressor and our oxygen compressors. Also they booked one set of ZW-5/10 non-lubrication O2 compressor from Our Jiangxi Compressor.