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                  Myo Myint Zin from Myanmar was learning to operate and maintain the air separation compressor in our JY Company

                  On Septemper 20-24, 2010, the engineer Myo Myint Zin from Myanmar was visiting our Jiangxi Gas Compressor Company Limited. He wanted to learn how to operate and maintain the air separation compressors (especially for LW-22/7-A non-lubrication air compressor). Our international trade assistant Simon was with him for five days when he was learning in the workshop.

                  After learning for five days, Myo Myint Zin said Jiangxi Gas Company Limited is the biggest compressor manufacturing company that he saw in China; he wished Jiangxi Gas Compressor Company Limited will be famous in the world.

                  Now several sets of LW-22/7-A non-lubrication air compressors (for air separation) are running safely and reliably at workshop in Myanmar.