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       Welcome to Easy Easels          
      sturdy well built
    Artists Easels
Handmade by a old-fashioned            
        craftsman in Canada

       using kiln dried recycled
                pine wood

                    Very sturdy, solid and portable - Suitable for students of all ages
I am interested in your comments                              and opinions on my easels.

     Multi Media        
After 30 years of building houses I spent the next 10 years  making new furniture and repairing antiques.
Retirement in 2003 brought boredom so a hobby seemed in order. My sister,  an artist, said " make me an solid, sturdy easel like this flimsy one I bought in a art store" and so began my new hobby as an  easel maker.
In the past 10 years I have made about 800 easels and offered a money back guarantee. So far no one has returned  one. I figure I must be doing it right.
     Most of my customer say my prices are very reasonable,  some even use the word "cheap !!"  Reasonable because you are  buying from the craftsman who made it and not paying overhead to a exporter, importer, wholesaler or any body in the middle. 
    I am constantly improving my designs and developing new designs.
I sell easels at Arts and Crafts markets and listen to artists to find out what features they are looking for in an easel .
My easels are solid basic plain easels and most models do not have a finish. They are intended to be working tools and not pieces of furniture.
Table Top                  
    48" Studio
All easels are made from dry tight knot
Ponderosa pine.
Adjustment knobs easy to use  with soft edges
All top and bottom canvas ledges fully
Studio Easels have 2" deep canvas ledges.
Table-top easels have  ledges with a 3/4"
for canvases and  a 1/4" groove  for tempera
All easels and items offered are sanded and
edges rounded  but are unfinished (unless
specified otherwise)
      It is very easy for anyone to wipe on a finish
of polyurethane with a light sanding between
coats.  I have not included a finish in the prices
as most
artists tell me they  are just going to get paint all
over the  easel anyway.
I can quote you a price on a two coat wipe on
poly finish
on any easel if you contact me.
Pochades or Painters Boxes
  For Plien-Aire Painters
                       Silent Auction
A special easel for fund
              raising campaigns
      Compact Tripod

    All prices are  
       F.O.B. Penticton, B.C. Canada

                               No shipping is included in prices
                                                                        Pay by Cheque or Money Order  or Paypal
                                                    Cheques or Money Orders must be payable to Gord Lindsay
                                  Now you can pay for your purchase with a email debit card money transfer
                                     Just go to your online banking website and send  money to
                                                             "      gordinpenticton@msn.com   "
                   Be sure to include your complete shipping address, postal or Zip code, phone number  and
                                           a complete description of the easel you wish to purchase
                                                 Discounts available if ordering more than 6 easels
                                    Handmade by:  Gord Lindsay
#304 360 Brunswick St., Penticton, B.C. Canada V2A 5R1
                                                                 (250)487-1387       Email   
                             Easels are available for local pickup
      Watch a demonstration

99% of every $ you spend on an Easy Easel stays in Canada - the other 1% for hardware may end up in China